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Live Theater Payroll Services

Getting started with Checks & Balances is a snap.  

From setup, to processing and reviews, to direct deposits and tax payments, we make live theater processing easy. So you can rest easy.

It’s what we do … and it’s the only thing we do — which is kind of the definition of a specialist.

So, sit back and enjoy the show because the reviews are really good.

Easy client

Setup is quick and easy. Our system already includes the live theater personnel structure so you simply choose from a menu. Departments, unions, deductions and entitlements are preprogrammed into our system.

We can also customize your payroll and add specialized departments, earning codes and deductions to suit your specific needs.

Electronic processing

Our electronic interface for employee data and payroll processing makes new hire uploads and payroll input efficient and accurate. Online access means you can view payroll data in real time.

You don’t have to “call in” your payroll and spend time completing unnecessary and redundant forms. Our interface minimizes data errors that occur with paper- and phone-based processing.


Submitting your payroll electronically does not mean sacrificing access to knowledgeable payroll professionals. We are available by phone and email to answer your questions and help make your payroll experience a smooth one. 

And because we are live theater experts, you can be certain your needs will be addressed by a team well-versed in offering tailored solutions for your business.


You receive an electronic preview of payroll data to review before it is finalized. All payroll submissions undergo intensive quality control before the preview is released, ensuring any problems are addressed promptly and appropriately. 

The PDF preview is highly comprehensive, making it simple to validate and update.

Superior reporting

Our reporting tools provide significant support to your finance department. These include a comprehensive payroll package with an assortment of pay detail, tax, deduction, entitlement and summary reports. 

Electronic versions of the reports are emailed to you each week and you have 24-hour online access to standard and custom reports. We also will produce customized reports when you need them.

Employer tax

We provide full funds management and report services: weekly tax impounds; weekly/quarterly federal, state and local payments, and quarterly/annual federal payroll returns, including forms 941, 940, W2 and 1099.

We complete returns for worked-in states and, if applicable, zero returns on active accounts for states not currently worked in. You also can look to us for specialized payroll tax support, such as 1042 withholding/remittance, and touring company tax management.

Capabilities for

Company employees receive direct benefits, including access to self service; pay stubs that indicate tax withholding, deductions and entitlements in specific clear language, and same-week direct deposit processing. 

You also have potential access to Transitchek and other employee benefit programs. And our quality control means fewer data errors that could adversely impact your pay and tax status.

The reviews are in!

Checks & Balances is like Christmas morning every week!
Andrew Jones
General Manager
I'm very happy with the services I'm getting from Checks & Balances.
Laura Heller
General Manager

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